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Monet Man Fishing

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Forensic Research


X-ray Image #1 - LODOX Statscan


X-ray Image #2 - LODOX Statscan

The man fishing disappears in the x-ray image # 1 and # 2.


The x-ray image (#1 and # 2) was produced utilizing the Statscan in collaboration with LODOX Corporation and Janet G. Smith.


X-ray image #1 is the Statscan image produced by the LODOX Corporation. The Statscan produced one digital x-ray for the total picture without a composite.

The x-ray image # 2 exhibits a box around the artist signature. The rectangle box was added with photoshop maintaining the original contrast. The remainder of image was lightened with contrast. The retangle box pinpoints the artist name in the x-ray image #1 and #2.

The "Monet" name is not visible in this location on the surface of the painting. "Monet" was not visible until reviewed by x-ray.

Additional forensic X-ray information will be available.

(Note: Three years of forensic research by Janet G. Smith with the LODOX Statscan digital x-ray technology has been submitted to the American Institute of Conservation (AIC) in a journal article.)


UV – Ultra Violet Image

Ultra Violet Examination


No preliminary drawing revealed in the image.


No recent additions to the picture with the exception of the gold retouched frame on the picture in the lower off center right.


"Monet" is faintly visible in the UV image.


Swirling brush stroke in the lower left clearly defined.


Fishing rod in the composition appears in the UV.


“Man Fishing” composition shows in the UV.


Additional forensic UV information will be available.



IR – Infrared Image 

Infrared Examination

"Man Fishing" image disappears


"Monet" is faintly visible in the infrared.


Crimsons and reds are transparent to infrared, so the "Man Fishing" is invisible.


The name "CT Webber" is visible.


For additional information on this phenomenon, please refer to the following website:


This website shows the color vision of Monet.

Using the scale on the website in the photographic image the Poppies disappear, same as the man fishing in the X-ray and IR photograph in the picture below.


W 274, Poppies, Near Argenteuil, 1873, Musee d’Orsay, Paris, FR 


Additional forensic IR information will be available.


Enlarged Image

"Man Fishing" appears as a small vertical dash of paint in the study. This dash gives the impression of a faint human silhouette. When the digital image is enlarged the small dash of paint becomes a distinct image.


This distinct image of the “Man Fishing”  is a bearded man holding a fishing rod and wearing a hat. The position of the fishing pole indicates the fisherman is "fly fishing".


The enlarged image is similar to a sketch.


Additional forensic information will be available.


Microscopic Image

C T Webber Signature


Microscopic Image Analysis:


The microscopic review of the signature "C T Webber" shows the signature was added after the under laying pigment of the water had dried. The dried ridges of the water pigment shows in the added artist signature. 


Additional forensic information will be available.


Video Image #1 (enlarged image of Video Image #2)


Video Image #2

The video image is produced here as a still image. This image is from the video recording of the picture being removed from the frame. 


Video image #1 and video image #2 capture infrared.


The light in video image #2 is reflecting off the pigment in the upper section of the picture. 


Additional forensic information will be available.


Forensic research, compiled and written by Janet G. Smith, July 2007

KSH Fine Art acknowledges and thanks Janet Gwendolyn Smith independent art consultant for her research contributions including: forensic and academic, travels and expertise researching the study “Man Fishing.”



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